Why is MySpace shooting itself in the foot blocking so many sites?

I know social media pundits are all going on about what is causing MySpace to falter and a lot of the blame is being placed on Facebook and a bit on Twitter, but I think the difficulties come from within the way MySpace manages its own FOX Interactive properties. Their biz dev people really ought to be paying less attention to what Facebook and Twitter are up to and more attention to how they themselves are doing business.

For example, why is MySpace blocking so many sites? There is no point to me having 60k+ “friend” on there, if half the sites I might want to post a link to — including my personal site — are blocked and maligned as a matter of some sort of policy. I thought the site concept was a profile which was supposed to be *MY*space, so what the heck is up with MySpace calling lots of links “spam” or “phishing” or some such nonsense, when that’s false to a libelous degree? Sooner or later, someone is probably going to take them to court for this sort of libel and a class action could even be put together. And, really, what is the benefit to MySpace?

And don’t tell me they are blocking mild nudity because I totally see straight up adult sites with *full* nudity posting their actual updates on here, with no impediment.