An Experiment in Using the Internet for Real Life Socialization

Tonight, Friday, May 14, 2010, Forrest Black and I and possibly Trent Hahn will be going to see film noir at the New Bev and then most likely eat Thai food at Torung. Pertinent info below. If you plan to come please tweet me or, if you have my cell number, please text me (no voice thanks) and let me know. If you, like many of my compatriots are morally opposed to planning, that’s cool too. Come say howdy if you happen to swing by.

ace in the hole billy wilder noir

Directions to New Bev

Ace in the Hole:
Fri: 7:30

The Harder They Fall:
Fri: 9:40

You can buy advance tickets for the double feature for $7.99 here. Seats are only $7 at the theatre, but that is cash only.

harder they fall noir bogart

Directions to Torung

Fri: 11:30/midnightish

Torung is also cash only.