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Red Latex Bikini (PICS)

This is Lydia Ivy West‘s 24th appearance in the Blue Blood VIP. She has been photographed for the site by Kelly Lind, Ashley Fontenot, and yours truly and Forrest Black. Forrest and I shot this series of her in San Francisco. Latex couturier Polly Pandemonium gave us the red rubber bikini for the shoot.

lydia ivy west photographed in polly pandemonium red latex bikini by amelia g and forrest black

Rubber Bustle Dress Couture (PICS)

This is the 23rd appearance Lydia Ivy West has made in the Blue Blood VIP. Forrest Black and I shot this in San Francisco and latex couturier Polly Pandemonium was kind enough to donate this fabulous bustle dress for the shoot.

I haven’t shot in San Francisco in way too long and haven’t been there since December. I’d really like to spend some time in SF soon. I’d also like a new camera. Some new easier to carry lights. And a pony. Pony optional. I think Ivy has a horse, now that I think about it.

San Francisco wild babes are especially invited to fill out the model app at