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Hollywoow Hills Chainsaw Massacre

Is it wrong to have a fetish for dangerous machinery? So Forrest Black and I were shooting our pals Individual and Superna over at our other pal's house. The pal whose house we were shooting at happened to be the illustrious David J. Schow of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. So, naturally, he had a chainsaw handy. While we were waiting for Individual to get ready, I just had to shoot something of Superna wielding DJS's chainsaw. I had to. Not only is the rest of this series on now, but there are almost a thousand photographs of Superna lensed by Forrest Black and yours truly. I'm really pleased with this work. There is no safe for work here, but there is another sample from the series in the forums on after the jump. Blue Blood Superna Chainsaw ( Read more )

Rachel Face One Day War

The glorious Rachel Face has performed with punk band One Day War, so here she is representing in a couple of images Forrest Black and I shot of her. Whole set on of course. Ya know, you can get a membership to for as little as $6.66 and then you'd be seeing new stuff like this every day. Additional NSFW sample shot after the jump tattoo pierced Rachel Face photographed by Amelia G and Forrest Black ( Read more )

Elfin Aiden Starr Holiday Cheer (PICS)

Forrest Black and I shot this series of Aiden Starr and Michelle Aston with Aiden looking very elfin and Michelle looking like a Suessian Santa. Location kindly provided by DJS of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. Teaser gallery on with article on the holiday by the witty and talented Thomas S. Roche. Aiden Starr Elf ( Read more )

Xmas in April

Forrest Black and I shot this series which posted in its entirety to today. A few nonnude teaser pics posted to a few days ago with an article by the witty and talented Thomas S. Roche. Candy Cane Love ( Read more )

This update got posted on the SpookyLinks blog. Sometimes I get convinced I shoot naughty stuff, but there is SOME REALLY REALLY NAUGHTY PICS AND VIDEO on the SpookyLinks blog now. Dr. Amelia recommends procrastinating shopping and checking it out. ( INCREDIBLY NSFW )

Holiday Cheer From Blue Blood

Holiday Cheer From Blue Blood by Thomas S. Roche : December 21st, 2007 April FloresThree very deviant ladies whose work I know well just perked up my holiday season like a handful of little blue pills and a mason jar of Alabama moonshine. This may come as a shock to those who don’t know me, but the holiday season and I are not exactly sympatico. (Those who know me, however, are rolling their eyes: “We know, we know!”) I’m not sure at what point during my misspent childhood I turned into a Grinch, but knowing me it probably involved finding out that the Thompson submachinegun I’d just received under the tree wouldn’t, you know, kill anyone or anything. In fact, the damn thing was made of plastic. Since then, I’ve developed less and less of a taste for the holidays every year, especially after working in the sex toy business where budgets lived and died based on the number of Class V Mister Fuck Double Dongs you move before December 24. I understand it’s the same with plasma televisions. The advertising blitz designed to make you cough up your hard-earned for that new sweater, or in recent years The Next New Shiny Thing, used to begin the day after Thanksgiving; then it was some nebulous date in early November; nowadays, the pumpkins are shredded in storefronts across the nation in the desperate race to get the damned Christmas trees up. “Bankrupt yourself,” the ads seem to say, “Or your Wife/ Husband/ Girlfriend/ Boyfriend/ Kids/ Dog/ Gynecologist won’t like you any more.” It’s Guilt Trips for Jesus, and I’m havin’ none of it. The only thing that gets me through the holidays is all the Christmas themed smut that’s out there. I will admit, I am a sucker for the irreverent trope-orgy satisfaction of a themed photo shoot or dirty story, and three Blue Blood hotties just got to the heart of holiday happiness, with a dose of . . . ( Read more )

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Pretty Caned Ass

We had our most diligent local homeless man stand guard while shooting in this location. I felt that the gate went so perfectly with Scar's hair and clothing that we had to use it, but it was in a sort of public area, so we had to be a little discreet. The following is what Scar had to say about this series. "Here is yet another delightful photo set inspired by the atrocious ass beating I received from my first and only master, Sir Nik, who I subbed for many years ago. I am so happy that my bruising was documented cause I felt it was truly a sight to behold. In addition, I am completely in love with these images, the coloring chosen by Forrest and Amelia, and the fantasy I now have that somehow, someday, the world could actually look this beautiful. After having this experience with Sir Nik I realized that although I feel my life is sometimes lacking in the world of S+M, if I could just visit with him every couple months my desires would probably be fulfilled. Then again, it might just put me more in the mood to sub more often, ya never know" Whole series on BlueBlood dot com. Additional free NSFW example after jump. Scar 13 Blue Blood ( NSFW CANED ASS AFTER JUMP )

Voluptuous Life Release Party

Voluptuous Life Release Party by Amelia G : December 11th, 2007 Carlos Batts and April FloresI just had a bit of a DC/Baltimore flashback weekend. Photographer Carlos Batts planned to do a gallery show/video release party at the combined studio locations of Federico Zignani and Apollo Starr. Normally such an event would be on my calendar in pen, but the damn date of this particular shindig kept changing. And then seminal DC industrial band Chemlab was playing the Knitting Factory. Due to the requirements of Murphy’s Law, both events were the same night. Being the plucky Los Angeles denizen that I am, I managed to hit the Chemlab show, the Carlos Batts party, and the cool hot dog stand. (Yes, in LA, we have hot dog stands ranked by factors like cool and celeb client list.) Afterwards, Forrest Black and I took Carlos Batts and his gigantic entourage home in my limo. Passersby never can be sure how many people are behind tinted black glass and Carlos was all plotting mischief we could get into. Anyway, in addition to his coffee table books and lots of other accomplishments, the fabulous Carlos Batts has shot a whole lot of erotic photo sets currently on and you should expect to see a whole lot more from him there. He has just released a video, two years in the making, starring April Flores, called Voluptuous Life and you should expect to see more about that here as well. Interview about the release party and gallery show now: Amelia G: What was the special printing process for the images displayed on the wall? Carlos Batts: The images on the wall were R prints mounted on sentra. AG: What made you decide to do your party at that location? CB: I shoot a lot of . . . ( Read more )

Want naked hotties under the Xmas tree + live in Los Angeles?

If you would like naked hotties under your Xmas tree for a few hours and you live in or around Los Angeles, I'm looking for cool settings to do a couple of shoots next week. Please hit me up here or email with info on your location. Thanks so much! Love, Amelia G

Laughing at SuicideGirls

There is a site called SuicideGirls. It gets its name from a passage in a Chuck Palaniuk novel where the protagonist is feeling superior to the sorts of adventurous women he is attracted to. He considers them alluring, helpless, fuckups and refers to them as "the suicide girls." So the derivation of the site's name tells you where they are coming from politically. Much to my chagrin, SuicideGirls has used a lot of Blue Blood's heartfelt rhetoric in their disingenuous and dishonest press outreach. Also to my chagrin, sites like LJ, MM, DA, etc. tend to have sock puppets on them who are very partial to whatever would be useful to this particular SuicideGirls site. To my amusement, however, as the SuicideGirls site has been apparently doing very poorly recently, the sock puppets who are mysteriously sympathetic to them have been doing a more and more transparent and poor job of their trolling responsibilities. Check out this kinda hilarious thread on the AltModels Community and tell me what you think.

$$$ vs. Art

I know that, if I want to make money, the thing which pays best is softcore nude images of fit women alone or in fake lesbian layouts. I know that a number of my models are annoyed that I refuse to shoot the fake lesbian scenarios they want me to. I know that shooting varied body types makes people feel okay about being unpleasant at me. I know that shooting men or couples who actually love each other is a sure way to get people to be unpleasant at me. I know that religious nutjobs have infiltrated and co-opted my community to the point of making it almost unrecognizable at this point. But I'm an artist. I don't feel like I can just do what pays and call it a day. What would you do in my shoes?

I'm excited to introduce you all to the incredibly sexy Joel Awesome and Kitty Klau in one of Blue Blood's world famous signature couple's sets. This is what it is all about. Joel describes himself as a "semi-closeted super nerd and rockstar hair stylist at one of San Diego's hottest salons" and Kitty as "an exotic dancer" with whom he can be "openly sexual with each other and lucky playmates!" Not only are they ridiculously hot, but they have such vibrant personalities. Blue Blood was founded to celebrate a certain sort of person who is too rare in real life, someone who makes real choices, with real intelligence, for real desires and reasons. I'm so glad to get to know Joel and Kitty. Definitely expect to see a lot more of them both. Three more sample images in the Blue Blood erotica forum. Waaaaaaaaaay more (and much naughtier) in the members area! Joel Awesome says, "Working with Amelia G and Forrest Black was amazing, It was the second or third time we had met them and it seemed like a really awesome friendship as well as working relationship was being born. Kitty and I are both really playful and I think that really comes through in the set. Also huge thanks to Scar 13 for introducing us to and bringing us into the Blue Blood Family." Scar did Kitty's makeup for this shoot and Joel, of course, did both of their hair. Joel Awesome Kitty Von Klau BlueBlood ( Read more )

Sheep Fuckers and Citizens of the World

Sheep Fuckers and Citizens of the World by Amelia G : November 27th, 2007 Amelia G has luxurious hairI’m not generally a fan of anything which uses the expression “white trash” because I’ve lived in the American South. Pig ignorant people there will generally excuse racist nonsense by explaining that they also have issues with “white trash” like being bigoted on the basis of class, as well as race, is somehow more reasonable than being merely racist alone. Due to the humorous intent of the occasion, I made an exception, however, for Miss Kitty’s White Trash Ball at Dragonfly this past weekend and, damn, but I had a good time. My homeboy Lange and I hit the Cat and Fiddle beforehand. Having been a fisherman in Alaska after art school (yes, like the TV show), Lange is not such a big fan of crab and raw fish, so I felt it was high time I chose a restaurant with cooked non-seafood items on the menu. The Cat and Fiddle is a music industry hang which bills itself as an English pub in Hollywood, although I am personally partial to the New Orleans fare like their uber-buttery crab fingers. In fact, I ate brussel sprouts and crab fingers and I was thinking that this would be a kinda healthy meal without the butter and Stella Artois. Kind of representative of Los Angeles really, something which looks healthy on the surface, but something just underneath which could probably kill you. Fun fact to know and share: Parts of Casablanca were filmed at the Cat and Fiddle location. When I first saw Casablanca as a teenager, Humphrey Bogart’s Rick was not pretty enough for my taste, but, these days, I have enough pretty in my world that I’m more impressed by force of personality and strength of ... ( Read more )
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