Pretty Caned Ass

We had our most diligent local homeless man stand guard while shooting in this location. I felt that the gate went so perfectly with Scar’s hair and clothing that we had to use it, but it was in a sort of public area, so we had to be a little discreet.

The following is what Scar had to say about this series.

Here is yet another delightful photo set inspired by the atrocious ass beating I received from my first and only master, Sir Nik, who I subbed for many years ago. I am so happy that my bruising was documented cause I felt it was truly a sight to behold. In addition, I am completely in love with these images, the coloring chosen by Forrest and Amelia, and the fantasy I now have that somehow, someday, the world could actually look this beautiful. After having this experience with Sir Nik I realized that although I feel my life is sometimes lacking in the world of S+M, if I could just visit with him every couple months my desires would probably be fulfilled. Then again, it might just put me more in the mood to sub more often, ya never know

Whole series on BlueBlood dot com. Additional free NSFW example after jump.

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