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Hearts and Kittens by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Hearts and Kittens

I frequently migrate holidays for convenience, as I often have to work on them. Plus, try to get a restaurant reservation on Valentines Day. Even if you get a good reservation, on February 14, you’ll be faced with staff pressed to make you turnover fast. So I personally will be celebrating...( Read more )

Voltaire and Scar 13 on Blue Blood VIP

Voltaire and Scar 13 posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Leashed.



via BlueBlood.com

Voltaire on Blue Blood VIP

Voltaire posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Bird Cage.

Voltaire Bird Cage

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Voltaire and Scar 13 on Blue Blood VIP

Voltaire and Scar 13 posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Leashed.

voltaire scar 13 leashed tattoo goth domination

via BlueBlood.com

Voltaire Caged Fae (PICS) SFW

Voltaire always has this romantic bit of beautiful mournful fae glamour. Even in the middle of a party. So I wanted to photograph her in this sort of a setting for a long time. This set has been an even longer time in between shooting and publication because some copycat photographer badgered Voltaire into telling him where this shooting location is. So he could shoot her in the same spot. No idea how his stuff turned out, but it bummed me out at the time. Anyway, I'm over it now, so you all get some more beautiful images of Voltaire with her blonde dreads with the pastel accents. A happy ending. This is Voltaire's 24th appearance in the VIP, with more to come.

Check out the Blue Blood Contributors Pages for my favorite nude shot from this set. (I wanted to keep this post SFW.) Or, of course, check out the whole series and 1954 others, 23 of which feature the lovely Voltaire, in the Blue Blood VIP

Secret Sale Location for 50% Off Blue Blood Megasite (PICS)

Blue Blood Megasite 50% Off This Week Only

The secret sale page is hidden on GS, but that membership gives you access to EVERYTHING from BlueBlood.com with more than 120,000 high end artistic photographs of 464+ beauties. From ethereal gothic beauties to punks who like to smash things to geeky fandom costume babes to fetish deities, Blue Blood features the most stunningly and uniquely beautiful. A battalion of coffee table book and nightclub photographers have contributed to BlueBlood.com and it shows. Not to mention erotic fiction from some of the top names in genre writing and just a dab of video.

Recent new additions to the site have included creative works featuring Razor Candi, Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas, Ruby Violence, Krysta Kaos, Sierras, Angel Beau, Scar, Darenzia, Eve, Voltaire and more! At Blue Blood Secret World Headquarters Global, there are some serious fans of bright sparkly things, decorations, plentiful food, and Santa hats. Plus everyone is feeling celebratory as Blue Blood enters its 20th year.

You can sign up for half price for the next week only -- as little as $4 a month -- and, as an extra bonus, when you sign up, you will be given the option to add a membership to Erotic BPM as well, for only a dollar.

Crash and Voltaire (PICS)

I just posted this to Gothic Babes and thought I'd share here too:

Because a few sets of my photographic work generally post every week (not even counting the tons of other photographers Blue Blood publishes), I always want to post more here. So, today I'm going to post a favorite image from two sets Forrest Black and I shot, one of Crash and one of Voltaire.

Info about the clothing designers and all that good stuff in the Blue Blood Contributers Blog, along with TONS of FREE SAMPLE PICS. Both of these are magazine shots, but four full sets of Crash and a fabulous twenty-two full sets of Voltaire are in the Blue Blood VIP now.

PS If, in this terrible terrible economy, there is anyone still getting paid to slack off at work and read LJ, nobody who actually works for a living (or wishes they had a job now) wants to hear any whining about NSFW in a community already tagged as adult.

Voltaire Tattooed Beauty (PICS)

This is an image from a recent update to the Blue Blood VIP and, as always, members get to see the whole thing. Looking at this set Forrest Black and I shot reminds me that I really need to text Voltaire. Neither she nor I are much for voice convos, but we are both fans of texting.

This is Voltaire's 25th appearance in the Blue Blood VIP.

Multipurpose Duct Tape

Voltaire and Scar 13 first met when Blue Blood flew them out to Vegas to do a few conventions with us. They were able to find one another on their flight even though this was (although after Forrest Black and I had first shot Voltaire) before Voltaire's first appearance in the Blue Blood VIP. They just could each tell that the other had that Blue Blood look. This set, shot by yours truly and [info]forrestblack, demonstrates that they both look gorgeous back in Los Angeles as well. That and duct tape is good for everything. But you all probably knew that about duct tape already. Full set in the Blue Blood VIP of course.

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