Crash and Voltaire (PICS)

I just posted this to Gothic Babes and thought I’d share here too:

Because a few sets of my photographic work generally post every week (not even counting the tons of other photographers Blue Blood publishes), I always want to post more here. So, today I’m going to post a favorite image from two sets Forrest Black and I shot, one of Crash and one of Voltaire.

Info about the clothing designers and all that good stuff in the Blue Blood Contributers Blog, along with TONS of FREE SAMPLE PICS. Both of these are magazine shots, but four full sets of Crash and a fabulous twenty-two full sets of Voltaire are in the Blue Blood VIP now.

PS If, in this terrible terrible economy, there is anyone still getting paid to slack off at work and read LJ, nobody who actually works for a living (or wishes they had a job now) wants to hear any whining about NSFW in a community already tagged as adult.