Voltaire Caged Fae (PICS) SFW

Voltaire always has this romantic bit of beautiful mournful fae glamour. Even in the middle of a party. So I wanted to photograph her in this sort of a setting for a long time. This set has been an even longer time in between shooting and publication because some copycat photographer badgered Voltaire into telling him where this shooting location is. So he could shoot her in the same spot. No idea how his stuff turned out, but it bummed me out at the time. Anyway, I’m over it now, so you all get some more beautiful images of Voltaire with her blonde dreads with the pastel accents. A happy ending. This is Voltaire’s 24th appearance in the VIP, with more to come.

Check out the Blue Blood Contributors Pages for my favorite nude shot from this set. (I wanted to keep this post SFW.) Or, of course, check out the whole series and 1954 others, 23 of which feature the lovely Voltaire, in the Blue Blood VIP