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Time Warner, this is why you suck, Part II

Earlier today, I posted: Hollywood is beautiful when it rains. First comfy lazy day in forever. Coffee, 2 hrs work, hike, pizza, Mad Men, Rubicon, salt bath, nap 🙂

A peaceful mood can change so fast. My day was going really fantabulous and I was feeling genuinely relaxed for the first time in a long time.

So Time Warner phoned a line they shouldn’t even have (it’s like the Batphone for need bail or death in the family), jolting me out of a dozing revery such that I partially broke one of my lower front teeth (ow!), and they were calling to try to sell me digital phone service (when their internet service is spotty and their on-demand is downright defective and they keep claiming they will fix it and don’t *and* when I have told them over and over and over to never make sales calls to me.)

Mad Men Yourself

Mad Men Season 3

by Amelia G : August 14th, 2009

madmen ameliagThe new season of AMC’s Mad Men starts this Sunday. I will be at Vampire-Con, so I’ll be TiVoing it, but I’m looking forward to this new season of one of my favorite shows. Pre-season rumor has it that this time out, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has in store more drinking, more gender relations of both the sexual and social issue variety, and will start off a couple more years into the 1960’s.

We’ve got a beautiful Mad Men promo photo gallery for your viewing pleasure here. The colors of past seasons were a bit different from these and I can’t say whether the new season will fully match prior seasons or evolve. I love the look here, though, and one of the most impressive things about Mad Men is the hyper real look and feel. The show’s costuming is convincingly period, but somehow makes each time it covers look more fabulous and glamorous and beautiful than it probably looked at the time. The lighting and color palette is always just gorgeous and makes this one of the few shows I always TiVo at Best . . .

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