Time Warner, this is why you suck, Part II

Earlier today, I posted: Hollywood is beautiful when it rains. First comfy lazy day in forever. Coffee, 2 hrs work, hike, pizza, Mad Men, Rubicon, salt bath, nap 🙂

A peaceful mood can change so fast. My day was going really fantabulous and I was feeling genuinely relaxed for the first time in a long time.

So Time Warner phoned a line they shouldn’t even have (it’s like the Batphone for need bail or death in the family), jolting me out of a dozing revery such that I partially broke one of my lower front teeth (ow!), and they were calling to try to sell me digital phone service (when their internet service is spotty and their on-demand is downright defective and they keep claiming they will fix it and don’t *and* when I have told them over and over and over to never make sales calls to me.)