Alice in Wonderland Trailer

Alice in Wonderland Trailer

by Amelia G : February 13th, 2010

Every Halloween, one or another group of my friends and acquaintances will invite me to go re-watch Nightmare Before Christmas. And obviously, I have photographed a lot of hot women who have Tim Burton-inspired tattoos. So I feel like it is appropriately newsworthy to point out that there is a new Tim Burton movie coming out. That goes double, counting the casting of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. (My apologies if I can’t stop thinking of Fight Club quotes whenever she is on screen; I’ll control my Tourette’s and not repeat them now with commentary on how appropriate they are in light of Lewis Carroll’s reported tastes.)

Although I found Nightmare Before Christmas visually lovely, I was discomfited by the the message. Jack Skellington doesn’t get to have a Merry Xmas because he is too weird and spooky? WTF? I believe strongly that you are entitled to the rewards of the larger society, if you earn them. Whether or not you have giant poofy red hair or a head like a jack o’ lantern pumpkin skull.</p>

But that’s just me. And, if the structure of the costuming in Alice in Wonderland seems a bit cynically designed to make it easy for fandom costumers to duplicate, so be it. I think it is cool that Hollywood is pushing the envelope on 3D and, when that kind of dough is at stake, it does help to mitigate risk wherever possible. When it comes to creating entertainment, the line between being intelligently prudent and cruelly cynical . . .

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