Skating on Plastic, Snacks with Pals (PICS)

Forrest Black and I went to the W yesterday to have drinks with our pals Sarah and Tofu. Surreally enough, I arrived a little early and the front desk staff suggested I check out by the back bar . . . and it had an ice skating rink in it. Forrest said he thought the rink was maybe some sort of plastic which people could skate on, but I only processed the general bizarreness of seeing a skating rink in Los Angeles. I used to ice skate as a kid, so I thought about trying it, but I lived in cold climates a long time ago and I was daunted by how much I didn’t want to finish up the holiday season with any sort of hideous injury. I also thought it would suck to miss hanging out with Sarah and Tofu due to difficulty navigating a fake sheet of ice. Cue jokes about fake and plastic things in Los Angeles . . .

amelia skating

amelia sarah