A Change is Gonna Come at The Zodiac Show

A Change is Gonna Come at The Zodiac Show

by Amelia G : May 20th, 2009

The Zodiac ShowThe Zodiac Show just relaunched their brand spanking new web site with stylish Flash design. The Zodiac Show is a interdisciplinary performance showcase which grew out of underground parties at Los Angeles photographer Lee Cherry’s studio. Thus Lee Cherry and performer Carmit Bachar turned the Zodiac Party into The Zodiac Show.

Because Adam Lambert performed at The Zodiac Show, the event has been in the news on MTV and FOX Extra. An interesting trivia point is that, for tonight’s American Idol finale, producer Simon Fuller chose a song for each contestant. Simon Fuller selected Sam Cooke’s Civil Rights anthem “A Change Is Gonna Come” for Adam Lambert. “A Change Is Gonna Come” is one of the most-covered songs in American pop music history. Most recently, hard rock’s Jon Bon Jovi and soul’s Bettye LaVette performed the sing for the Obama Inauguration concert. Adam Lambert performed “A Change Is Gonna Come” to many kudos at The Zodiac Show back in 2004.

At any rate, The Zodiac Show has a nice looking new web site. Given that my first glance through showed a pic or two Forrest Black and I shot on there, I hope they add a link to BlueBlood.net once they get the site more fleshed out. Designer Rusty Segars is a wiz with the Flash and the Zodiac performances are over the top, so it is worth checking out. In honor . . .

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