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Archer, The Archer Sanction, Season 6, Ep3 by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Archer, The Archer Sanction, Season 6, Ep3

I want to share screencaps of the hot tub party at the office and the appalling disaster at Malory Archer’s apartment, but the FX site system seems to be locked into some kind of deathmatch with Adobe Flash on my work station. Anyway, episode 3 of Archer sees Lana, Ray, and Sterling on…( Read more )

Luci in Devil Horns with Rats – Super Cute Rats (PICS)

This is the 5th collaboration between yours truly and Forrest Black and Luci which has appeared in the Blue Blood VIP. Full series in the members VIP as always. Luci makes a lot of her own clothes and has two of the cutest pet rats ever. Shooting Luci was great and I love shooting artists like her.

Beautiful Bald Luci Soaking Tub (PICS)

There is just such a positive sexy free energy shooting in the Pacific NW, especially with a free spirit like Luci. Like me and Forrest Black, she was just passing through town, and we coordinated via email. I want to have this soaking tub in the office. Like now.

Whole series in the Blue Blood VIP.

Rachel Face Pinball Bondage (PICS)

Forrest Black and Rachel Face and I shot this pinball bondage set at like four o’clock in the morning, after the bar had closed. Rachel Face always knows the good places to shoot.

This is her 17th appearance in the Blue Blood VIP where you can find the whole series.