ad:tech Gathering of Digital Marketers (video)

This is what I am doing today. So far, I think the idea that we now have the tools to make the old new again via remixing is . . . well, not that useful for marketing. The last speaker, Alan Schulman, says that remixing is everything because Hunter S. Thompson retyped The Great Gatsby to get the feel of it and the typewriter is modeled on piano. I feel like those are interesting anecdotes. But Hunter S. Thompson didn’t then cross out F. Scott Fitzgerald and write his own name in and sell copies of it. Only hardcore industrial musicians would try to make music on a typewriter and nobody would type a letter on a piano. Alan Schulman also screened a mash-up of Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain with an updated dance track. It was kind of cool-looking and amusing, but it didn’t make me want to buy a Volkswagen or whatever the logo was that they flashed on the screen after the clip.

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