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Ondine on Blue Blood VIP

Ondine posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Retro Devil Girl.

Ondine Retro Devil Girl

via BlueBlood.com

Ondine Gets Very Very Sassy in the Soaking Tub (PICS)

Sassy Ondine makes an excellent retro devil girl in this shoot Forrest Black and I did of her in San Francisco. I got to soak in that bathtub too and it was awesome.

I tend to shy away from posting naughtier work, usually, but I'm really proud of this image. I see a certain irony in picking up the camera as a sexuality activist and then having people theoretically within my own scene make me feel funny about being loud and proud. But that is a whole nother post. Without further ado . . .

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