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Kasey Kasket on Blue Blood VIP

Kasey Kasket posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by yours truly and Forrest Black called Marilyn Manson Vest with couture by Kasey Kasket.

kasey kasket marilyn manson vest

kasey kasket marilyn manson vest


Miss Crash and Marilyn Manson

Miss Crash stars in “Born Villain”, the new music video for Marilyn Manson. Oddly enough, the short film is directed by Shia LaBeouf. Or maybe not so oddly.

I want to think this is the awesome-est music video because Crash is in it. The hook suspensions, gun violence, bleeding eye socket, boobs, and vagina mean this will most likely never see MTV rotation. But, as a piece, it kind of comes across like someone who doesn’t get it, working with great materials. I haven’t listened to the album yet, so maybe Marilyn Manson littered the title track with random Shakespeare quote, like a college freshman. Maybe themes from Macbeth really resonate with either Marilyn Manson or Shia LaBeouf. But having that sort of stuff in there just feels a bit forced and pretentious. The flipping back and forth between spoken word and music sort of takes the viewer out of it. There are a number of individual shots in this, which feel like they would make cool images, even though they don’t quite compel as a video narrative. I hear that there is a companion photo book . . .

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