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Rod Benson Needs Some Hot Ass Punk Rock Babes by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Rod Benson Needs Some Hot Ass Punk Rock Babes

Okay, so you are probably asking yourself why in the world I would even be aware of a YouTube video with literally 3 views. See, my brother hasn’t decided what country he lives in. And this dude Rod Benson kind of lives in Korea where he (I am not making this up) plays basketball in the…( Read more )

Double Rainbow shot Liberty Valance Kim Jong Il?

“North Korean legend has it that Kim was born on Mount Paekdu, one of Korea’s most cherished sites, in 1942, a birth heralded in the heavens by a pair of rainbows and a brilliant new star.

Soviet records, however, indicate he was born in Siberia, in 1941.”

Yahoo (AP)

Kim Jong Il was reportedly kinda literary. Think anyone over there watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?

Also, Double Rainbow!