Story of My Life

Story of My Life

by Amelia G : April 30th, 2010

rielle hunter oprah story of my life jay mcinerneyBecause Rielle Hunter was the interviewee, I watched Oprah on TiVo last night. It was only my second time watching Oprah because I’ve always believed that she was one of those things like chick lit which turn women into the weaker sex. I think I’ve been mistaken on this because, in point of fact, Oprah is an impressive nuanced interviewer, with a brilliant balance of coming across compassionate enough for her subjects to reveal themselves, without seeming like she is ever just giving someone a pass for bad behavior or opinions either. </p>

The obvious question, when someone like John Edwards betrays his marriage in a way which is so dangerous for his career, is why, even if he was unhappy, why? I was interested to see how Rielle Hunter came across on Oprah because she is obviously a set-the-world-on-fire compelling woman. I know most of the country is interested in Rielle Hunter (if they are interested in Rielle Hunter) because of her affair (and possible sex tape) with presidential candidate John Edwards. I must confess, however, that my interest is as a huge Jay McInerney fan.

Before he was a famous novelist and short story writer, Jay McInerney was a remarkable New York city scenester who cut quite a swathe through society, literary, nightclub, and fashion circles with his very successful womanizing. He is currently . . .

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