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Writer’s Block: Touch-Screen Pros & Cons

How could touch-screen technology enhance the way you currently use your PC? How could it make things worse?

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I don’t really like touchscreen tech. I hit the keys on my keyboard really hard when I type. Any keyboard I use for a long time gets all the numbers for common letters worn off. I have a Blackberry, and not the Storm, partly for this reason. I always instinctively want to press really hard on touchscreens and then I worry I will break them. Touchscreens lack that satisfying feeling of the key going down, so you know you did what you intended; you just have to watch and see if what you hoped for happens with a touchscreen. I would only want touchscreen on my computers if I had a giant robot to press it gently for me.

Writer’s Block: Technology’s Impact on My Family

How has technology impacted the quality time you spend with your family?

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Technology has overall decreased how much time I spend on real life human interaction. Technology has increased how well I can keep in touch with people I really care about who do not live near me. Technology has made me financially and professionally more self-actualized, but it often makes me feel simultaneously overwhelmed by the human clamor for attention around me, at the same time I will feel like I am really overdue for a night out on the town actually around other humans.