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La Luz California Deathrock Party Pics by Amelia G on Blue Blood

La Luz California Deathrock Party Pics

Forrest Black and I are so happy with how the California Deathrock party at La Luz went. Blue Blood funded the production of the book via Kickstarter, so it was initially only available to backers of the Kickstarter and people actually in the book. To celebrate the launch of the book to the…( Read more )

If a two-tailed dog promised you free beer and eternal life . . .

If a two-tailed dog promised you free beer and eternal life . . .

by Amelia G : September 3rd, 2010

two tailed dog party budapest amusements

The Two-Tailed Dog Party in Hungary is making some mighty attractive election promises:

Eternal life!
Free beer!
Tax cuts!
Money without work!
There’s a 93 percent chance we won’t steal.
You will be happy!
We will promise anything.

In terms of country infrastructure, the Two-Tailed Dog Party favors flooding the roads with beer on holidays, building a spaceport, erecting snow mountains for skiers on flat plains, roller coasters arching over major cities, and existential express buses to nowhere which don’t make any stops. Also more techno music in parliament and free Burn energy drinks.

No word on whether Burn is an official sponsor of the political guerrilla street art the TTDP is doing, but they should certainly consider it. I don’t think we get Burn in the US. Any European readers want to share what it is like?

It might not be fun to be living Hungarian politics. Gergely Kovacs, chairman of the Two-Tailed Dog Party, says, “We just elect these people to represent the gangsters and the rich. This kind of democracy is ridiculous.” I’m just really impressed by such an entertaining and viral way of getting a political message . . .

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