Cheeky Bingo Chocolate Truffles

cheeky bingo character icon by frontroom creativePeople often make comments about how Forrest Black and I have perfect lives. Our standard joke about this is that, when you work in the chocolate factory, eventually you just don’t find eating chocolate nearly as fantastic. I did study at Ceran in Spa, Belgium for a summer, however, which gave me a permanent taste for Belgian chocolate truffles, above all other sorts of chocolate. Before you start asking about Swiss chocolate, I spent part of the preceding year in Switzerland and I emphatically felt that there was nothing all that special about Swiss chocolate. Fortunately, I have never worked in a chocolate factory, so I still like eating delicious things. I even like just the scent of some desserts.

But I am a the kind of girl who likes some bitter in her sweet, so I’m really dark chocolate all the way. Meaning Swiss confections never stood a chance versus Belgian ones, in winning the heart of my taste buds (should that make any anatomical sense.) There used to be a really great place to get Belgian truffles in Georgetown when my family was stationed in DC, but I only got to go there a few times and I have no idea if it is still there now. Fortunately for my waistline, I have no idea where to get good truffles in Los Angeles. Anyone want to advise me on what the name of the place in Georgetown was or where is the best place somewhere in Silverlake, Hollywood, Westwood, or Beverly Hills to get Belgian dark chocolate truffles?

This funny Cheeky Lift Girl advert for Cheekybingo is totally making me crave truffles though. Sometimes, when I maybe waited a little bit too long to eat, and I’ll be waiting in a restaurant, where I can see food I want . . . well, I think about how thin yet powerful the veneer of civilization truly is. And, of course, I’m always partial to punk rock behavior. So I am especially amused by the idea of snarfing just a taste off the serving tray in the elevator.

The talented creatives at Frontroom designed the tasty Cheeky character icon above and some of their video advertising and other collateral. I’m not sure if they did the Cheeky Lift Girl bit, starring serious theatrical actress Hannah Boyde. Hannah Boyde does look a bit . . . well . . . cheeky, in her bio pic for the Activated Image theatrical company.

It kinda puts sand in my grits that, in the UK, you can see fun videos for a bingo company during popular TV programs like Jeremy Kyle Show. But, in the USA, we’re all prudish about gambling. Unless it is in Vegas. Or a State Lotto. Or a Native American reservation. Or maybe a Biloxi offshore riverboat. But that’s why we have YouTube. I give you the humorous stylings of Cheeky Bingo – Cheeky Lift Girl: