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Black Leather Times Sex Talk Led to Blue Blood by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Black Leather Times Sex Talk Led to Blue Blood

BLT was my first publishing project as an adult. My friends and I did it from various different punk rock group houses. It is hilarious as fuck, especially if you’ve ever spent time in dark smokey clubs or science fiction conventions and related haunts. It was distributed primarily at sex…( Read more )

Have you read the ingredients on your lube?

Have you read the ingredients on your lube?

by Amelia G : March 30th, 2010

poison  lube domina dollOver at Pop My Cherry, writer Domina Doll has written an excellent and informative article about reading the ingredients on your lube. It is called Lubes 101 – Harmful Chemicals and Body Burden. I first came across Domina Doll’s writing at AltPorn.Net and then her site when she commented on my Amelia G blog and I have to say I like her style and I like her take on human sexuality. So many female sex bloggers are just trying to get someone to call them pretty (without having to do sit-ups), that I find it enormously refreshing whenever I find a sexpert woman who is actually being an author and sharing valuable information in an entertaining well-written fashion.

Lubes 101 – Harmful Chemicals and Body Burden breaks down what each of many potentially harmful lubricant ingredients can do to the human body. Domina Doll covers parabens, diethanolamine, glycerine, Menthol and peppermint oil, petrochemicals and natural oils, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol (PEG), L-arginine, aluminum sulphate, Benzocaine, and — my personal favorite — Nonoxynol-9.

I wrote a little humor piece about my experiences with Nonoxynol-9 for the punk humor zine BLT :: Black Leather Times a while back and you can read an archived digital version of Committing Spermicide online still. The upshot of it was that I was violently . . .

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