SpookyCash 2.0 Affiliate Program ReLaunch

blue blood spooky cash affiliate programYesterday, we completed a big awesome relaunch of Blue Blood’s SpookyCash affiliate program.

Sometimes achieving big milestones on internet projects leaves me feeling discontent, restless, or sad. It’s like I feel like confetti should be falling from the ceiling, but then it isn’t.

It’s like I have this momentary spike of doing the happy happy dance and then I’m like why aren’t more people dancing with me or something. Partly, I think this horrible economy is getting me down. The big picture news is all mostly maddening. So many big companies seem to be reaching into the little guy’s pockets. The celeb news is all mostly depressing. People keep hitting me up to ask me to do things for less than it costs me to do them. Which probably means I should lower what I pay other people during this recession, but I just don’t feel comfortable with that. I’ve found some people actually want to raise their rates right now because they are working so rarely, so they want to make it count when they get something finally. Which I kinda understand I guess. Heck, some people keep just hitting me up to buy them stuff, like I’m supposed to be some kind of sugar daddy . . . and not people I’m fucking. I realize that now there will be multiple people, including folks I was not thinking of at all while writing this, who will be pissed off if I post this and think I mean them. But I’m tired of always pussyfooting around other people’s feelings, without getting the same consideration.

And, of course, the problem is most everybody at the moment is feeling put upon. Even if everything is hunky-dorey in their fiscal and personal life, the aura of meltdown in the air is distressing, even if it is big picture financial meltdown and other people’s local personal meltdowns.

So, anyway, I’m honestly really happy about the SpookyCash project milestone, but I just wish I could get my celebratory on a bit better today. I’m happy to have been able to work with Ed’s artwork. I’m happy to have been able to work with all the great content from all the fabulous Blue Blood, Gothic Sluts, Barely Evil, Rubber Dollies, EroticBPM, etc. photographers. Plus the images Forrest Black and I have shot of all the cool models for the sites. I’m grateful for the contributions from W, C, E, S, and N. And I am incredibly fortunate to have had Forrest Black overseeing the technical and design teams on this project.

I do believe that, in many ways, we make our own luck. But I also do feel lucky.

If you are a professional webmaster, this next bit will be of interest: You can now promote SpookyCash via either CCBill or Epoch. We upgraded a bunch of the sales tools There are now thumbnail previews for the hosted galleries. Picture of the day sizes are now fully customizable to flawlessly fit the design of your site. SpookyCash first brought RSS and hosted blog tech to the adult space in 2005 and that feed is updated all the time. There are also customizable RSS feeds for all hosted gallery releases now as well. Plus a nifty banner selector with auto-rotating banners available where you just select a site and size. And don’t forget how easy it is to get paid with just one link to SpookyCash’s fully hosted no-leaks complete TGP where you get credit for everything. SpookyCash will be adding some new sites soon too.

I guess that last bit is all I meant to post, but then I got all emotional on it. So it goes.