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Boosting the signal.

#Repost @drivenbyboredom ・・・
I wrote an article for @boingboing about @tumblr banning all adult content from the site.
I’m pretty psyched to have been able to do a guest post for a blog I’ve read regularly for more than a decade but also Facebook’s algorithm that punishes images with text in them is now a feature of Instagram as well so you probably won’t see this in your feed anyway.
I could fix this by posting just an image but this post is about how shitty Tumblr is but Facebook is significantly worse so might as well make two points in one even if no one sees it.
Then again me complaining about it could lead to more comments which would make the algorithm think the post is important and bump it into people’s feed despite the text but people don’t read Instagram captions so that’s unlikely. End of rant.