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Dorothy a.k.a. Audra posted to PR Newswire with a news item called The Doll Life’s Reality Star Audra’s “Dirty Secret”: Tasteful Art Nudes Not “Fetish Porn” Reality star/model announces new coffee table photography book “Ultra Happy Alarm” on Kickstarter.

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The season premiere of MyxTV’s The Doll Life is titled “Audra Has a Dirty Secret” and the episode revolves around reality star Audra being accused of doing “fetish porn.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. Of course it was a competitive model who engaged in this anti-feminist body-shaming. The kind of nude photography Audra does professional modeling for is the sort you would find in coffee table books.

In fact, Audra is currently doing a Kickstarter for a coffee table book called Ultra Happy Alarm. The beautifully produced hardcover coffee table book from the Blue Blood press will include the types of colorful illustration Audra does for clothing brands, video games, rave flyers, and her friends. It will also include her personal photos of her stylish kawaii adventures in the US and Japan. And, yes, the book will contain artistic nudes.

The Ultra Happy Alarm coffee table book will contain nude photography showcasing Audra’s bubbly fun personality and whimsical personal style. When she chooses photographers to do professional modeling for, Audra works with people like Clix, Forrest Black, and Amelia G, all of whom are best known for how active they are in the electronic dance music, goth-industrial, and other music subcultures. Because her work involves her own artistic expression, Audra is drawn to projects involving alternative fashion, stuffed animal plushes, and a lot of desserts. All sweet, just like Audra herself is.

In addition to doing fashion modeling for Dolldelight, Audra has modeled for many Harajuku-inspired clothing designers. Her other broadcasting credits include the Fickle Wish livestream and reporting for NHK television’s Kawaii International.

To make your own decision about whether her modeling is art or porn, you can check out or search Ultra Happy Alarm on Kickstarter.

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