Punks with computers. You’ve been warned.

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BLT Punk Humor Book 25 Year Black Leather Times Zine Omnibus Kickstarter
Hoping to collect every issue of punk humor zine BLT into a giant 400 page book, plus produce a ton of cool Tshirts. Sample pages and designs are on the Kickstarter page J

BLT Notes
Amelia has been posting some very TBT stuff about BLT and the zine revolution on BlueBlood.net

BLT on APN, Broken Pencil, BoingBoing, more
The BLT Kickstarter has been getting a whole lot of cool press.
“seminal punk zine BLT” –Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing
“Super anti-social and very funny.” –Beda Hoydenish, APN
“infamous punk humour zine Black Leather Times” –Broken Pencil

BLT in Miami Herald, Washington Post, Covert Culture Sourcebook
The BLT zine has gotten tons of sweet high profile press over the years. The Blue Blood crew’s favorite review ever was when best-selling author Richard Kadrey described Black Leather Times as: “Punks with computers. You’ve been warned.”

Blue Blood VIP Megasite
Those punks also used those computers to make edgy entertaining stuff on the internet since the 1990’s. This includes new shoots with mohawks, fire, fangs, furries, post-apocalypse style, speculums (speculi?), and a swimming pool full of colored breakfast cereal (and a purple-haired beauty.)

Twitter News
Blue Blood is still posting lots of little bitty newsbites weekly to the contributors blog and Twitter for up-to-the-minute goodness.

Contact Info Revisited:
All swag, contracts, review materials, requests for interviews, invitations to gallery shows, conventions, contest giveaways, photo submissions, pitches, free clothes, offers to fly the Blue Blood crew to your city, vials of your blood, etc. should be sent to:

Blue Blood
8033 Sunset Blvd #4500
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Press releases about your own projects can be snail-mailed or sent to submit@blueblood.net


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