Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

It is going to be all Throwback Thursday in here all month. Here is a baby picture of me and Forrest Black exhibiting at one of Bruce Evry’s Fantek science fiction conventions in the 1990’s. You can just see part of the first Xmas issue of BLT on the table, so I am guessing that it was an EveCon and not a CastleCon. You will note that the leather jacket Forrest is wearing over his Genitorturers shirt is the same one I am wearing in the Black Leather Times Kickstarter video. Search BLT on Kickstarter to see it or go to directly. I look sweet in this pic. I wish I could recall who shot it. But the back of my denim reads: You can call me Mistress or you can call me Amelia or you can just fucking scream. Good times. #tbt #BLT #throwbackthursday #blueblood #ameliag #forrestblack #blackleathertimes #kickstarter #sciencefiction #convention #nye #xmas