Blue Blood Happy Independence Day Eidyia Freedom-Loving, American flag-wearing, punk babe (SFW PICS)

The smart, sexy, and all around enjoyable Eidiya just tweeted, "Wearing USA flag printed stuff even though it is "illegal" is by far the most "American" thing you could possibly do. #rebel #freedombaby" This reminded me that I wanted to share some images Forrest Black and I shot of her, which are currently live on This week is the 4th of July, Independence Day in the US of A. Eidyia is independent, intelligent, and politically aware. And she has a great booty. So she is the perfect person for this year's July 4 photo shoot. A good friend graciously allowed me and Forrest Black to bring Eidyia by late at night to roll around naked in her well-appointed dining room. I hope you all enjoy the results of our creative endeavors. We all certainly enjoyed creating these images. Happy Independence Day! Eidiya American flag bikini Blue Blood 4th of July Eidiya American flag bikini Blue Blood 4th of July