Darenzia – Magazine Stuff and More Blue-Haired Goodness (SFW PICS)

Continuing the theme of blue-haired beauties Forrest Black and I have photographed, from Alecia Joy‘s 13th Blue Blood VIP appearance to Darenzia‘s 39th Blue Blood VIP appearance . . . I’m pleased to be able to share this unseen flashback photo shoot with you all. Forrest Black and I photographed a bunch of stuff of Darenzia where a few images ran in various print magazines. Only print magazines, at least back then, preferred to have an embargo on publishing the full set on BlueBlood.com or RubberDollies.com or wherever, until after the print mag cam out. Only print publications sometimes take forever to actually be published. So, by the time Marquis and I think a couple other things were published with our shots of Darenzia, the hard drive with the originals had died. (I recall Marquis was one because Darenzia was kind enough to thank me and Forrest, for shooting her first Marquis appearance and hooking her up with the mag, in her covergirl feature interview when she made the cover of the magazine. I make sure to always remember kindnesses.) We recently were able to happily recover a bunch of stuff off of it, so, voila! New old Darenzia pics! We’ve also recently organized the majority (well, not all, but the majority, of our film negatives. We did that for our deathrock book project, but BlueBlood.com members may benefit as well.

Darenzia photographed by Forrest Black and Amelia G for Marquis and Blue Blood