Blue Blood is 20 Years Old, Thank You

Here is a note I am in the process of (I think) emailing to current and former members of various Blue Blood membership sites. I’ve been struggling with some Murphy’s Law technology today, so I thought I would share this blogtastically as well. I’m sure I will be riffing on some of these themes a lot this year. Stuff that makes me think.

Blue Blood is in its 20th year now. Back in 1992, when I started publishing the Blue Blood print magazine from the basement of a punk rock group house in Rockville, Maryland, I intended to create something activist, something which would create subculture cross-pollination and forever alter the beauty standards. I recently got a note for a school reunion, requesting that I supply what I’ve been up to, and my first thought was that I wanted to share that with people who get it. Thank you for your patronage of Blue Blood sites. I’m going to try to think of some amazing celebrations for this and I’ll definitely try to keep y’all updated on  parties, event appearances, and gallery shows and whatever else we have the resources to put together.

You are welcome to follow Blue Blood on Twitter at or me at for the up-to-the-minute stuff.

Now that you’ve treated everyone else this season, I’d love it if you would treat yourself to some Blue Blood VIP: You can see sample images of some of our recent updates at featuring new additions like cosplayer Scarlet Starr, leggy art schooler Annika Amour, literal firebreather Franccesca de Struct, and mohawed tattoo collector Tara Toxic. Since my last note to you all, we have also featured shoots of many long-time favorites, including Nixon Sixx, Razor Candi, Scar 13, Voltaire, Nina Sin, Zoe Matthews, and more more more.

Also, if you are interested in the California Deathrock book and/or T-shirt Forrest Black and I created, there is ordering info on the bottom of the page with this exclusive interview with Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave: and the forums are still open to all and update every day with news ranging from the newest controversial goth-industrial music video to deliciously excessively intellectual pop culture deconstructions of recent television shows to where to buy zombie apocalypse to shotgun rounds and everything else you crave at

Love, Amelia G

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