Today we start editing film!

Forrest and I are getting ready to start going through contact sheets for our California Deathrock project today. Thanks to our awesome backers, we know we are definitely going to be able to do the book, so we want to get a head start on editing film.

It has been so long since I got to work with negatives and contact sheets that I am having trouble finding any of my grease art pencils to mark the contact sheets with. I’m still hopeful that a search will uncover my stash, but I might have to go get a couple from the camera store. Hopefully they still carry traditional tools.

We’re going to try both the library and a coffeehouse with big tables and see which is more comfortable to go through contact sheets in.

Thanks so so so much to everyone who has supported this project so far. If we hit $2,200, the book is definitely going to be hardcover and it seems promising that it will.