BlueBlood Newsletter: Deathrock Art Book, New Goth Fashion, Award Noms

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– APN Awards Nominations
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California Deathrock Book Kickstarter

The really big news is that a book of Forrest Black and Amelia G’s deathrock portraiture is going to be published. There are four days left in the Kickstarter pledge period and the project has already succeeded and will definitely be funded. Pledge now and Amazon won’t charge for the California Deathrock book until the pledge period is complete.

Forrest and Amelia will also thank you in print in the book, if you pledge now. Please note that, once the book is published, it should be available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but the retail price is expected to be significantly higher than the Kickstarter price. Cool people who Forrest and Amelia have photographed will probably be able to get the book for wholesale pricing later, but that will be around the Kickstarter amount and without the mention in the book dedication. And it would be ever so helpful and awesome if you could get those pledges in now to make sure the book is a hardcover and has the best possible art book paper and most possible pages.

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot Video

You can see some behind-the-scenes footage of what a nightlife portraiture shoot with Amelia G and Forrest Black looks like. Panel of Experts is continuing its series of features with a Panel of Experts interviewed on various horror and gothic-related topics. Blue Blood notables on the Panel include Amelia G, John Shirley, Will Judy, Forrest Black, Cecilia Tan, Thomas S. Roche, Ed Mironiuk, Eric Swartz, and Chad Savage.

New Gothic Fashion Site has launched a sister site for dark fashion.

APN Awards Nominations
Blue Blood sites and talent have been nominated for a gajillion honors in the APN Awards.

Blue Blood VIP Megasite $1.75 Trial Sale & $1 EBPM Combo

Thank you for your patronage of Blue Blood. Amelia G wanted to have Blue Blood offer the VIP mega-pass for a super low trial amount, which she had to get special approval from the bank liaison folks to offer. Happily the answer was yes. Recent new additions to the site have included creative works featuring Lori the Gorey, Razor Candi, Vera Baby, Dahlia Dark, Alecia Joy, Angel Beau, Meekus, and more. Right now, you can even add a trial membership to EBPM for only one more buck. Details at

Twitter News
Blue Blood is still posting news weekly to the contributors blog and Twitter for up-to-the-minute goodness.

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