Life Decisions

I’m going to be making a really huge life decision in the next 60 days. Right now, I am waiting to hear what my options are, so the ball is not even in my court. Yet I keep running scenarios in my head, trying to parse what options I want to be open to me. In a way, of course, I want to have a choice of all things. In a way, less choice might make the decision process easier.

I am kind of leaning toward making a big commitment. But closer to home than I’d initially thought I’d prefer. Apparently, I really feel like Los Angeles is my home these days and, upon examination, I just kind of like Los Angeles businesspeople better than San Francisco businesspeople. Although I do have a lot of friends in the Bay area, so it might be nice to have an excuse to visit regularly.

I’ve been in the media business for a long time, so I expect that is the industry I’ll stay in. I like people with a passion for excellence. But I prefer people who don’t believe excellence should come at the cost of one’s basic human decency. And I enjoy human warmth. Wacky, I know. But I do really enjoy the company of people who always always always try to perform in the 99th percentile. Let me just spin this around my brain again 2,082 more times. Blargh.

Right now, I’m working on developing a throbbing headache and I really should be catching a little more sleep. Tonight will be a late night.