New Years for DBags and Zoning for Uncool People (PICS)

(1) I celebrate NYE as a time for reflection.

(2) I swear the event below is going on across the street from me right now. Pretty sure it is past closing time now. Bonus points for drunk douches fighting on the sidewalk in front and being able to hear every thump of their abysmal dubstep in my living room. I think one of my New Year’s resolutions is going to be to find out who to report this to. I can roll with the occasional disturbance, but this place is (a) causing a public nuisance multiple days every week and (b) attracting uncool people to my neighborhood. I live in Hollywood, so I’m sure we must have zoning rules about venues which appeal to uncool people.

Happy New Year’s, everyone! May your 2012 be everything you hope for and dream of.