Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas (PICS)

Blue Blood’s world famous signature counterculture couples shoots are some of my favorite parts. Forrest Black and Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas and I got together for coffee before deciding to collaborate on this shoot. I am always cautious when someone has worked in Porn Valley, even if only briefly, but Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas are both delightfully warm and genuine and drama-free. With some folks, it is a challenge to get them to stay on pleasant topics during a shoot, but Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas are all good energy, funny anecdotes, and cool business stuff they are working on. We hung out afterwards on their patio. Forrest helped with their fire trough. Then we shot the breeze about geeky stuff and conventions. And Misti Dawn sent me home with a pumpkin pie she baked herself ’cause she had made six. I only wished we had done a zillion set-ups and shot for days because these two deserve to be immortalized every which way.

FREE Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas photo gallery, shot by yours truly and Forrest Black

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