• 17:57 Doctor Who looking good @BlueBlood New SFW post: David Tennant in Leather Pants #
  • 17:58 Is it wrong to cook kugel for chicken soup & Southern Comfort slo pork in the oven at the same time? Hope not ’cause my house smells amazing #
  • 18:00 All SNS shine wearing off for me. Good points from @ForrestBlack @BlueBlood SFW post: My Disappointment with Google+ #
  • 18:08 Writers, last week to write something for All Access Pass Expect to be closing submissions August 27. #
  • 18:24 @RaygunRobyn On Sookie getting dead 😉 #
  • 18:38 @MeghanMayhem @jinxxbvb What is that a picture of? #
  • 18:45 @RaygunRobyn Really loved the first season but stopped watching this season. I hate when shows change all the characters’ personalities. #
  • 19:02 Why does @google @adwords offer toll free phone support for campaign setup/Analytics integration but no email or chat? Seems oddly low tech. #

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