Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

Is it wrong to kiss and tell?

by Amelia G : October 7th, 2010

Is it wrong to kiss and tell? Does it make a difference if you tell just one person or millions of people of just three people but one of them tells millions?

This week, the internet is all aflutter over the Karen Owen Powerpoint presentation. If you are not up on your Duke sex scandal news, a recent graduate of that esteemed college sent three friends of hers a funny Powerpoint presentation, deconstructing various hook-ups with athletes about campus. I surely do not share her taste in men. She’s all about the baseball and lacrosse and I feel, if you must do a team sports guy, crew or football were always my choices. Individual sports like martial arts are by far the sexiest, in my view. But whatever. Parts of this Duke grad’s list were mildly amusing, but it went on longer than I felt like reading, not knowing any of the participants. But Gawker is all over it, zillions of people are searching for info on the Karen Owen Fuck List online, and HarperCollins and William Morris are both ready to make a deal with the author. Karen Owen apologized to those she defamed/lauded/embarrassed via the traditional interview with Jezebel.

karen owen powerpoint

I’m not sure I wholly get what the big deal is. The most notable aspect of the way Karen Owen ranked her sexual conquests is how well she formatted it. But it . . .

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