• 17:42 @Hart_fisher I’m down! Going to DM you in a sec. #
  • 19:07 @KellieLaplegua How does not wearing pants help sell microphones? #
  • 19:08 @docbrite My mom always used 2 tell me mothers were psychic. I later realized she could tell I’d been eating Kool-Aid mix cause purple mouth #
  • 21:46 @youngsoulrebel That’s awesome. You are a psychic power unto yourself. #
  • 21:47 @V6ughn Dude, now I’m picturing you naked swi
    nging a mic between your legs. Was that strictly speaking necessary? #
  • 21:49 @RaygunRobyn Thanks 🙂 You are live. Now repeat after me: "No matter how hot crafting gets me, it still is not pr0n." #
  • 21:54 @janejett Congrats on the site launch! #
  • 23:17 @janejett We really need to finally get around to shooting some time soon. Should do a profile on your dungeon… #

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