Sea Monsters in Butter Sauce

Sea Monsters in Butter Sauce

by Amelia G : April 1st, 2010

sea monster bug isopod submarine robotMy friend Funkatron called my attention to the impending sea monster invasion with his usual calm cool and collected demeanor: “Yep, the robot is coming up, looks gooHOLY FUCKING SHIT OH MY GOD OH MY GOD GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” That would be the precise quote.

Apparently, in these last days before the apocalypse, even scientists require something called a “green gossip” site in the form of something named Ecorazzi. Catchy name anyway. At any rate, Ecorazzi reports that the creepy sea monster pictured here (and way bigger on their blog where you should totally check it out) is real. It is something called an isopod and was found somehow attached to a robot submersible which was sent down 8,500 feet in the Atlantic to see what it could see. Apparently, what it saw was a little horror-movie-invasion-from-the-sea. Which was still stuck to the robot sub when it got back to the surface, where us land people reside.

My family used to like to go to Cape Cod and Maine in the summertime. So I ate a lot of lobster as a kid. I don’t eat it in California, even when menus have it, because lobster travels poorly. They ship it live, but this is (a) kind of inhumane from the perspective of someone who buys eggs laid by free range . . .

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