Polyamorous Valentines Day

Polyamorous Valentines Day

by Amelia G : February 14th, 2010

polyamorousWhatever the structure of a long-term relationship, in terms of gender breakdown or number of people involved, I believe that long-term relationships are good for the larger society. People with loving families have something to lose; they are invested in their lives and being good citizens.

Why does it occur to me to mention polyamory and gay marriage today in particular? It is February 14, Valentines Day, and the number two most searched term on Google is polyamorous. Valentines Day, the date for celebration of traditional romance, seems like a peculiar day for searches to be volcanic for polyamourous. Are people thinking that they don’t feel obligated to buy enough special dinners, lingeries, flowers, and candy today? What would make today the day to suddenly wonder about what it means to be polyamorous?

Now, head on over to Gothic.net and ask for a standard definition of what it means to be gothic. Okay, don’t do that because you probably already know that you will hear quite varied explanations. Polyamory is much the same. Some people feel that being poly is about connecting sexually with a larger-than-average number of partners, but only people you connect with emotionally as well. Some people feel that poly means having one primary partner and then other lovers in relationships of varied terms. Some people practice polyamory the same as any dyad two person marriage, but with . . .

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