Cleaning My Desk

Today was kind of a frustrating day. I wish I were in a nicely appointed theme room in Las Vegas right now, scheduled to shoot photos like this one [info]forrestblack and I shot. (Also, I would like a pony, but I bet that’s not gonna happen either.)

Full series of Szandora on Gothic Sluts.

I am working on cleaning my desk. Anyone who has seen my desk knows that it tends to go from pristine to needs-a-major-excavation, with little space in between. Right now, I need an effing forklift to get through all the mess on my desk.

Cleaning my desk is difficult for me, partly because I suck — like really really really suck — at housekeeping (except cooking) and partly because there are things on my desk which make me sad. There are sweet notes from people who are no longer with us. There are plans and to-do lists for projects which did not happen or happened and did not work out. There are folders of medical receipts totaling up to some pretty astronomical amounts. I was using a mouse pad which was cool because it was a souvenir from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office and awful because it was a gift from someone who turned out to be totally two-faced. I happily have a nice clean new mouse pad from a business associate on my desk now.

And there is just a Mount Everest of business cards and Post-It notes and cocktail napkins with contact info for people who have moved or who I meant to get in touch with an never did. And it is really odd when I look on the dates for travel receipts and such, and some things feel like yesterday, and they were so long ago and some things feel like ancient history, but they really just happened.