• 16:40 I’m really getting to the point where businesspeople saying "call me" sounds like admission they are planning on trying to pull a fast one #
  • 04:59 @RaygunRobyn I heart Baltimore! #
  • 05:09 @AltPornNet Thanks for the write-up on the Stephy set @ForrestBlack & I shot 🙂 A personal fave. #
  • 05:13 @Richard_Kadrey It would explain a lot if I’ve been looking for my virginity behind the refrigerator. #
  • 05:14 @EssinEm Coupling is so fun. I love Jeff. #
  • 05:17 @StephenLaughlin I am so excited about the Tesla stuff! Finally environmentally conscious cars that are not intended to be hideous! #
  • 05:19 Was sad the horrid economy is making some people so venal & evil. Spent time w/loved ones & watched 30 Rock. Happy now. Economy normalizing? #

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