• 08:35 @audaciaray I imagine debating criminalization of HIV would get the blood flowing as well as coffee, albeit potentially less pleasantly. #
  • 08:36 @Very_Wiley LOL at Comment Thread Trolls TV Idol #
  • 08:37 @BillyAntiseptic Welcome. It’s only 140 characters, but you can be a lil more wordy ;-p #
  • 09:20 @AltPornNet We’ll try to get you some fan signs from for you ASAP. Next shoot, I swear. #
  • 09:47 Cooking organic pasta and meat sauce w/organic mushrooms over bacon and eggs this morning. #
  • 18:31 @modelnicotine You sure are! Did Larry show you the Marquis magazine proofs I sent him? #
  • 07:21 @spliffy Does Wii Fit actually make you fit? I’m thinking about getting one and never leaving the house again. #

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