Where is the sisterhood?

I am feminist-identified.

I got my feminism from the resonations of people like Gloria Steinem and Susie Bright and not liking what Andrew Dworkin had to say. And I got my feminism from my mother who went to Harvard at a time when they still called it Radcliffe for chicks and didn’t let them join the club and who managed to barrel through all sorts of glass ceilings, while never letting anyone see her sweat. I got my feminism from wanting to play video games in 8th grade and having the members of the otherwise all-male extracurricular not want to allow me near the school computers.

I’m the kind of woman who has had mostly male friends.

But I do not want to be the only woman in the video game room.

So I am troubled that so many women, who seem like I’d feel commonality with, are so hostile to the idea of not being the only woman in the video game room. They push other women away, wanting to be the only female who gets it, whatever it is. I find sex bloggers to be a particularly harsh lot in general, who really seem to want to believe they are each the first woman who has ever demanded her own orgasm and will support the heck out of men and faux feminism, while dissing women and genuine feminism.

I know comedian Chris Rock says it boils down to the fact that women hate each other. But do feminists hate each other? Isn’t that counterintuitive somehow? Can anything be done?