Prohibition Party

Have you ever jizzed in your pants?

by Amelia G : December 7th, 2008

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by John Malkovich and featured T.I. as the musical guest, but it is notable for a few other things as well.

(1) Amy Poehler is back from having her baby and she really rocked her Hilary Clinton impression and the news with Seth Myers and Amy Poehler was very funny.

(2) Not one, but two sketches featured Kristin Wiig’s enormous cleavage. If you are rereading that sentence, yeah, I notice breasts and I never noticed her to be stacked before. So I think this episode debuted either Kristin Wiig’s new boob job or some impressive new falsies technology.

(3) Almost every SNL Digital Short demonstrates that SNL is on top of their fake hair technology because I normally don’t like wigs, but Andy Samberg regularly sports spot-on counterculture hairstyle wigs. Hip hop, club kid, punk rock, rasta, or gloomy brooding synth europop like tonight and they all look pretty convincing, even to my extremely trained eye. Tonights SNL Digital Short was, in a sense, the sequel to Dick in a Box. In case this is the first time you’ve logged onto the internet this year (just got out of maximum security solitary, desert island castaway, whatever) and you are unfamiliar with the “Dick in a Box” video, “Dick in a Box” is probably the most popular viral web video after “Two Girls, One Cup” and possibly (but probably not) “Lazy Sunday”. It starred Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake singing a sweet ballad about the best gift to wrap up for your girl. The song was funny to begin with, while disturbingly catchy, but what really put it over the top was the hilarious acting and the fact that they actually had Justin Timberlake doing essentially a lewd Justin Timberlake in it. Justin Timberlake also makes an . . .

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