Christian Slater in My Own Worst Enemy

Christian Slater in My Own Worst Enemy

by Amelia G : November 10th, 2008

My Own Worst Enemy Christian SlaterAfter a brief hiatus to make room for election coverage, My Own Worst Enemy returns to airing on NBC tonight after the supposedly revamped Heroes. If you have not checked out this new television vehicle for Christian Slater, you can watch the first three full episodes of MOWE online for free now.

If you like espionage with just a dash of science fiction, you’ll probably enjoy this show. In its general category, My Own Worst Enemy is a lot more fun than MI-5 and a bit less fun than Burn Notice. MOWE also has a bit of an interesting externalized study of the sorts of internal conflicts many people face. Christian Slater stars in MOWE as a super spy who has had a reverse-Manchurian candidate done on him. The norm in this sort of storyline is to have a regular person who is secretly a ticking time bomb of a killer. It makes so much more sense psychologically and just logically to have a multilingual martial artist military guy create a normal guy cover identity. I want someone to give me a chip where I can also live a milquetoast life and communicate with my alter-ego about the pros and cons via cell phone video messages.

The conventional wisdom in Hollywood, for a long time, was that movie stars could not do TV, that a movie star who did TV was finished. With shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire, and Mad Men being so obviously higher quality and more interesting than most movies today, it gets harder to view acting on television as somehow lesser than a role in Saw V or Sex Drive. With an Oscar winner like Anna Paquin starring in True Blood, Alec Baldwin . . .

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