Booze Shoot

I’m looking to shoot a set this week with an alcohol theme. See this photo ForrestBlack and I shot of Andy LaPlegua from Combichrist for an example of what I mean by alcohol theme. If you have your own concept for a shoot you would like to do based around the idea of booze, please feel free to bring it.

This shoot is in or around Los Angeles. This shoot must be completed by December 1.

I am interested in shooting either a female model or a couple for this. A minimum of topless nudity is required for this gig. Full Monty preferred. Please look at my port for the style of extravagant and impressive looks I prefer to shoot.

If you are down for at least conservative full nudes and have a great idea or access to an interesting location, such as a bar, there might be some budget we could kick you. We can also publicize a bar or nightclub location with this project. If you prefer trade for content, we can do that. If we trade for content, expect to get your images fast, like within only a week for this project.

To submit, please message me here or email with the title BOOZE SHOOT with info on any particular concept or locations you have access to. If you have rights to a completed series with an alcohol theme, I may be able to get you cash money for it, so let me know.