Anyone got fun in LA for me tonight?

Want something fun tonight which doesn’t feel like work. This eliminates options I was considering. Anyone got fun in LA for me now?

Dear friends, I feel like hanging out and being sociable, so contact me on here or text my phone if you have my cell. But I mean actually sociable, like enjoy your company sociable, and not listen to your business pitch or show off sociable.

I make no promises on whether or not I will bring any sort of photographic equipment with me or whether or not I will use it if I do.

Things which would feel a lot like extending the workday include:

— clubs where largely naked women try to impress me (or anyone else)
— parties where everyone feels obliged to have sex in public with nonspecific partners
— clubs where you and I have to try to impress the doorman (or anyone else) to get service, unless you are already 100% VIP there
— any place it would take me more than 30 minutes to get ready to go
— places too loud to converse aloud where we’d have to text on our phones
— anywhere people will feel compelled to ask me if I am shooting tonight and will I shoot them
— locations it would take me more than an hour to get to or more than $25 to park at

Down for a good live band. Down for a late night dining or coffee or yogurt place. Down for a chill bar with a good jukebox. Down for people-watching some place peculiar.

Will bring witty banter, good anecdotes, warm smile, brilliant insights into the world we live in, and bad attitude.