Lamest Most Surreal Prank Call Ever

Someone just randomly called supposedly long distance from San Diego for the purpose of spewing a bunch of really random hate speech and that they were calling from a cancer research center for a survey about the election of something.

Priceless: They claimed they found the number on Craigslist in a personals ad.

I can just picture someone placing an advert: Lonely and bigoted? Looking for something to run up your phone bill on a Friday night?


Before they really got going, I thought they might actually be calling from the stupidest survey ever and I asked them if they really thought two in the morning was a good time to be taking a survey. I just got in and was focused primarily on eating something delicious and picking something to watch on TiVo; I know a real survey was implausible. I had also heard of the political trick where one party would call at inopportune times and claim to be supportive of what was actually their opponent. I also thought it could be that. But no.

One really has to stay up a lot later than 2am to prank anyone gothic though. LOL

Back to Tofutti Cutie, crab cakes, and apple now.